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The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others.  Based on a system of 9 distinct personality "Types", the Enneagram teaches us how we relate to self, others and the world.  Once you discover your number, a true transformational process may unfold. 


Mary Wright

Enneagram Teacher and Coach

Learning the Enneagram completely changed the way I view and interact in relationships.  I believe it's a life changing tool, and I am eager to share it with others.  I earned my undergraduate degrees in education and psychology, went on for a Master's in Counseling Psychology, and earned a Certification in Alcoholism and Drug Addictions Counseling.  I spent many years working as a family counselor in Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, working with addicts and their families. After discovering the power of the Enneagram as a tool for true transformation, I immediately felt I had a new path to follow.  I completed my course work at the Narrative Enneagram School, studying with some of the notable teachers in the field such as Helen Palmer, Renee Rosario, Terry
Saracino and Peter O'Hanrahan.  I am a Certified Advanced Enneagram Coach through Enneagram and Business as well as  a YEC Certified Enneagram Coach. In addition, I have studied extensively at the Enneagram Institute with Russ Hudson.  I would love to help you discover this amazing tool for change!


Learn the Enneagram


Enneagram Workshops

Allow me to introduce the Enneagram to your group -- we can do a basic introduction or a deep dive.   

Intro to the Enneagram Workshops

Introductory workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your group.  From a two hour workshop to a full day event, participants will come away with a solid understanding of the 9 Types of Personality.  In longer workshops, more of an in-depth look at Centers of Intelligence and Instinctual Subtypes will be included. 

Parenting Focused Workshops

The Enneagram is extremely helpful in understanding the dynamics of the parent-child relationship. In this workshop, parents will increase their understanding of how their Enneagram number influences parenting style, and will learn about how the Types show up in childhood. 

Christian Focused Workshops

I have a strong interest in the Enneagram as a tool to enrich your journey on the Christian spiritual path.  I would love to bring a workshop to your church or small group.


Enneagram Coaching Sessions

In one-to-one coaching sessions, you will learn to identify your Enneagram Type and will be coached to begin the "self observation process", or catching yourself in the act of exhibiting your type's behaviors.  This self observation will lead to a gradual release of unhealthy behaviors, replacing them with healthier attitudes and actions.  In addition, as you begin to understand all of the Types on the Enneagram, your compassion for others will increase exponentially.  Contact me to learn about short term coaching in "Discover Your Type" and "Explore Your Type sessions".


The goal is to recognize the inner patterns that drive your outer behavior.

Helen Palmer


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